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What is porting

Porting is a process of adapting your game to the specifications of various consoles. Each platform is different, has different certification procedures, and requires specific knowledge and detailed know-how.

We use a set of systems to adapt your game to a particular platform (or platforms). We prepare a console build and test it on special dev kits we possess. After that, when we’ve made sure the game runs smoothly on all target platforms, we proceed to deliver it to the client or the certification service for each platform. We make adjustments if required and… that’s it! Your game is ready to be played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and/or PlayStation.

Why outsourcing might be the best idea?

  • It saves time – let the others do the job! While we’re working on porting your game you can focus on bigger and better activities like making an expansion, sipping margaritas on a sunny beach or petting your dog.
  • Cost reduction! We have an efficient system that we’ve worked out after years of doing this. This saves a lot of man-hours, and man-hours are money. Let us do the job and you’ll spend less than if you did it yourself. You can use that extra money to send your kid to college or buy a new GPU.
  • Personalized offer! Whether you’re a big studio or a lone indie developer, and whether you want to partner with our sister company NGG or not, we can work out a deal that will satisfy both parties, including rev share, all money up front, etc. We’re always open to negotiation.
  • Certification made easy! The certification process for different platforms can be tedious and stressful – no more. Our experienced team passes LOT checks and certifications quicker than the competition and can free you of this burden and let you use your extra brain power on designing that new DLC area.
  • Know-how? Not now! Thanks to NGD you don’t have to know the ins and outs of porting to consoles. In fact, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to be involved in the process at all. Just leave us to it and go on that well-deserved vacation, we got this!

Check out our process


1. Pre-production

We analyze your game to estimate the complexity, time, and cost of the project. Then, we create a roadmap with all the details of the port.


2. Production

We use our specialized set of systems to adapt your game to desired platforms.


3. Alpha

We reach the first milestone when the first playable version is available and functional on target platforms.


4. Internal QA & testing

While we continue to prepare all the aspects of the game for each platform, we maintain constant testing and quality control following a swift development model that allows us to detect errors and correct them quickly.


5. Submission

Once we have a version that we’re happy with, that meets all the technical requirements of each console and has no errors, we deliver it to the client or the certification service for each platform.

6. Release

We wait and see if the review services of each platform require any changes. We’re also on stand-by, ready to offer a quick response if a patch needs to be prepared with any types of bug fixes.

Choosing No Gravity Development You gain

Cooperation with an experienced team

Porting know-how

Guaranteed certification

Your game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox

Partnership approach

Peace of mind 🙂