Warsaw, the Paris of the North is a Choose Your Own Adventure Game, built on text, graphics with plenty of choices that develop the main character’s features and direct him to a variety of plots. Set in 1930’s Warsaw.

New York, 1935. James, a middle-aged millionaire, decides to go on a business journey to Warsaw, to prove that making money is possible anywhere.  Soon it turns out that this trip is not only to make his point but also to change his life.

James takes part in plenty of adventures such as a two weeks cruise by one of the first polish transatlantic ships, tasting Warsaw cuisine, going on the ball at which he meets people from Warsaw’s Boheme, and is chased by a car with the most dangerous criminals in the capital of Poland…


At some point, after tons of adventures, spine-chilling events, meeting two incredible women, he falls in love with Warsaw and making money is not his life goal anymore. He starts doing everything to protect his new friends and the city before the upcoming war.


There are two possibilities that can help him achieve his goal.  Become a philanthropist and help to change Warsaw into the intellectual capital of Europe or become a film producer, and let the motion pictures change the world. Which choice is better? Will James succeed or will he give up?

Game Features

  • Plenty of original archival materials (videos, photos)
  • Developing main heroes character with two indicators: bravery and diplomacy
  • Epilogues from other perspectives after every stage
  • Sketches after every stage which present the path which was chosen by the player
  • About 20 quests
  • Two big main paths: film producer plot and the philanthropist
This is a prototype of the game Warsaw: Paris of the North.

The development of the game’s prototype has been financed from the resources of the Culture Promotion Fund of Ministry of Culture National Heritage and Sport of the Republic of Poland.